Backing Tomorrow’s Leading Businesses

EQUI supports visionary entrepreneurs in building leading companies of the future. Being founded and backed by successful business people, EQUI understands the difficulties that new ventures face in obtaining the right advice and funding in today’s global market. Through our investment model, we provide capital to companies that are led by ambitious, pioneering entrepreneurs. We adopt a proactive approach, assisting the companies in which we invest, to transform their vision into reality. We look for companies with disruptive ideas and technologies with scalable, global potential.

EQUI will showcase these investment opportunities on the EQUI platform for EQUItoken holders to review for investment. The core investment model will be to take equity or loan positions in innovative businesses with a focus on technology and crypto. These businesses demonstrate vision and scalability, and may require not only capital but also expertise to steer the venture to optimisation and fulfil their true potential. Projects will vary in size and estimated maturity timeframes.
Every opportunity is evaluated on its individual merits. Our focus is on early stage ventures, where the business offers a significant market opportunity, with the potential to revolutionise the relevant sector or services in which it competes. A strong and driven management team is fundamental in achieving success with any viable product or service.
Each investment opportunity will go through an extensive validation process. It is then placed on the EQUI platform for investment selection by EQUItoken holders.

EQUI Propostition
Doug Barrowman
Lead Founder
interview with Doug
Interview with Doug Barrowman
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